Wednesday, August 24, 2005

seattle: of arts martial and marital

The next morning found us sipping espressi at Zoka, a bitter rival of Espresso Vivace's. A dispute erupted between Michael and me over which cafe had prettier latte art--a dispute which could only be resolved through a jeet kune do grudge match!

Michael flashes the gang sign of the Zoka clan.

Andy, Grand Master of the ferocious Green Beetle clan, offered to convey us to an appropriate fighting ground...

...the cemetary containing the mortal remains of Bruce Lee!

This shot of the grudge match was captured without our knowledge by one of the many papparazzi that were constantly tailing us.

After several hours of intense fighting, a couple of cracked ribs, and some broken bones, Michael and I decided to call it a draw, agreed that both Zoka and Espresso Vivace have very pretty latte art, and proceeded to the sacred nuptial union of Jean and Dan.

Half of the wedding guests showed up in semi-formal attire...

Notice how Michael's tie matches Samantha's dress which matches the state fish of Washington. [Okay, so the state fish is actually steelhead trout. But there is a lot of salmon to be had in Seattle.]

...while the other half just wore their bathing suits.

The Pacific Northwest is pretty casual.

The bride blushed.

The groom was debonair.

And this dude slipped us some weed.

He wore shades to keep it on the DL.

Afterwards, Jean and Dan got jiggy behind a tree...

while Michael fired off the traditional twenty-one anti-aircraft gun salute.

The reception was held at the promisingly named MOHAI, where we learned a lot about snoeshoes...

..and hatchets...

...and did our best to ignore the diabolical gleam in Jean's eyes.


Blogger Squatchy said...

You write some damn funny picture narrations.

Also the curio shop pics are great.

6:28 AM

Blogger penguinrocket said...

Thanks! I figured you'd like the Bruce Lee pic.

7:50 AM

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